Sports nowadays faces many challenges. How to keep up with our ever-changing society, our continious drive for improvement and our drive to push boundaries. It’s where entrepreneurs determine the future of sports.

The Sports Tech Campus is the world’s first open platform dedicated to entrepreneurs in the sports and vitality sector sharing their innovation. It’s a platform where entrepreneurs meet eachother and other sports stakeholders.

We created a way to portrait the companies to support sports representatives. The companies are organized by country with their own personal characteristics. At the Sports Tech Campus key indicators are trends, technologies, sports, themes and other sectors. Click HERE for a detailed explanation. Everybody can question the database to find the right companies.

As BRANDS scout innovations to add to their portfolio and/or analyse competitors.
As CLUBS engage their fans and/or improve the performance.
As DISTRIBUTORS expand their portfolio with new products and/or services.
As ENTREPRENEURS look for like-minded entrepreneurs and/or brand themselves.
As FEDERATIONS serve their members and sponsors.
As INVESTORS look for the next great opportunity and/or analyse competitors.
As JOURNALISTS search for direct contact and/or do more detailed research.
As MUNICIPALITIES facilitate their inhabitants.
As STUDENTS look for an awesome internship and/or job.
As UNIVERSITIES support entrepreneurs on scientific research.

To conclude, the platform shows who is out there as an entrepreneur.



Sport Experience started as Europe’s first sports accelerator in January 2016. Although the idea was born in December 2014, the experience in sports and technology dates from 2009. It was that moment where Gérard Vroomen (former CEO Cervélo) was voted “Engineer of the Year” when it all started.

In the last years Sport Experience and its sports enthusiasts dedicated their time to support early stage companies. By organising accelerator programs in Copenhagen and Eindhoven, we came across 50+ startups. By supporting the companies also outside the accelerator programs, we challenged in total over 150 companies.

Our international network grew enormously with civil servants, club employees, distributors, entrepreneurs, federation employees, investors, journalists, marketeers, etc., and now we like to share it with you!